Funding for Property Auction Purchases

Greenfield Capital specialises in providing finance for property auction purchases. Our streamlined bridging process means you get the funds speedily. That’s why property professionals like to use Greenfield Capital time and time again. As a principal lender, we pride ourselves on our service, with funds always being available in time for completion.

So, if you are looking to buy a property at auction but don’t have all the funds necessary to make the auction purchase, then one of the best options is to take a bridging loan. A bridging loan is a short term property loan which will enable you to purchase the property at auction and would normally be repaid when the property is in a position to get a standard mortgage.

The beauty of a bridging loan is that it can be arranged in a very short period of time. Greenfield Capital’s bridging loans for an auction property can be arranged in days and we normally make the underwriting decision in hours of you making the initial enquiry. If you have just purchased a property at auction then you may have only 28 day for completion, so Greenfield Capital’s processing is stream lined for speed.

Property Auction Bridging Finance

If you do not have sufficient funds to pay the 10% auction deposit, we can often speedily release the funds necessary based on other property you may have. If you require 100% of the purchase price then Greenfield Capital can help with the addition of another property as security and we can also help with additional funds for renovation and refurbishment.

Talk to our Relationship Managers free on 0800 779 7097. We’re waiting for your call and will discuss your requirements and take you through the simple process.

Alternatively, complete our on-line enquiry and we’ll call you back.

Greenfield Capital Bridging Loans

  • Residential, Commercial & Semi-Commercial property all considered
  • £26,000 to £5,000,000
  • Up to 12 Months facilities available
  • Up to 70% loan to value. 100% with additional security
  • Fast Turnarounds – funds can be released in 7 days
  • Speak with the decision makers
  • All cases considered and competitively priced on their own merits
  • Lending throughout England & Wales